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Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics - Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics ground stage machinery control system supplier
Gala to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Macao's Return to China

Several groups of petals are hung by 22 hoists, and the visual feast of lotus petals is realized by controlling the speed difference of the hoists during operation.
"Chongqing ·1949"

"Chongqing ·1949" is a landmark project of China's tourism performance, there are 406 speed regulating equipment on and off the stage, and the fixed speed and hydraulic equipment are also close to 100, the whole stage of the ground is composed of five rings that can rotate 360 degrees, which puts forward very high requirements for the processing power and stability of the control system.
Opening ceremony of the 7th Military World Games

In this opening ceremony, "The Flame of Peace"'s Wire system plans 64 ropeways and 128 lifting points. The direct distance between the north and south Wire towers is more than 400 meters, and the vertical arc of the case road is more than 10 meters, which is a rare Wire system in China.
Opening Ceremony of the Qingdao SCO Summit

In Qingdao "Shanghai SCO Summit",  124 flying lights used in the "Friends Come from Afar" performance. The flying lights are jointly driven and controlled by the visible hand of the mechanical equipment and the invisible hand of the motion control system, and the three-dimensional Wire control system to create a beautiful field
Concerts in domestic cities, and overseas countries like Japan and South Korea...

Take advantage of resources, communicate with Chinese performance industry related enterprises, and expand into the international performance market.

Activities of numorous E-commerce platforms' New Year's Eve parties, press conferences......
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