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Weighing System
KiloCell Sencors(Load Cell)

KiloCell series sencors. 3/4 and 7/8 standard shackles, high space utilization; Provide 6:1, 8:1, 10:1 safety factor products, 2 times overload capacity; Provide 0.5T~5T range products; Measurement error: maximum 1% range......

KiloHub Control

Standard 2U chassis design, 230AC power supply; 8-channel CANHUB design, easy to use; Provides 4 DI and 2 DQ outputs; Local panel status display; Supports IAC2711 configuration panel; 2 standard POE ports;......

KiloView Monitoring Software

Used independently or embedded in the mechanical control system; Single master control supports a maximum of 100 nodes. Each channel supports a maximum of 16 nodes and a maximum of 200M......

Contains the KiloCell Sensor, the KiloHub Control, the Kiloview Monitoring Software and the KiloAP Wireless Router

KiloTalk Load Monitoring System 2024_00.png

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