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Wire System
Orbital Type Wire
Laying track in the air, Wire car running on it, according to the track can be divided into straight track, arc track, more wireless control.
Eight cables with six degrees of freedom performance platform
A platform is pulled by a total of eight cables above and below, so that the platform can move in any position in the air and tilt at a certain Angle.
1. Emergency stop the link. 2. Operation handle with safety enable; 3. Dual speed control handle, one group supports XY direction, one group supports Z direction; 4. 22-inch touch screen; 5. With power switch and indicator light; 6. External gooseneck light interface; 7. Lower drawer design, can place the keyboard and mouse; 8. Integrated industrial Ethernet communication function; 9. 3D and 2D combined display, convenient trajectory editing; 10. Special trajectory generation, helix, sine and cosine, straight line, etc.
1. Edit management: key point description, track, running time can be customized; 2. Record management: record running curve and playback; 3. User management: hierarchical management, and can set different permissions; 4. Device management: Set parameters such as soft limit, clear zero, current position, etc. 5. Emergency operation: emergency automatic bypass; 6. Status query: Query the system status and device status. 7. Log management: alarm logs, operation records and other information query.
Supports a variety of Wire forms and types

1. Two-line two degrees of freedom;

2. Four cables, three degrees of freedom;

3. Eight cables and six degrees of freedom;

4. Orbital Wire;

5. Automatic walking Wire car

Supports a variety of motion control algorithms

1. Curve editing: Using algorithms based on cubic splines to generate smooth processing curves;

2. Acceleration and deceleration control: acceleration and deceleration control algorithm based on s curve;

3. 3D view: 3D view control algorithm based on trackball

Entertainment Bar System
In recent years, the mechanical action of the entertainment & bar industry has become more and more complex, and the replacement speed is getting faster and faster, and it needs to make breakthroughs in terms of security, easy maintenance and programmability.
Customer's Worry

1. Safety? --Frequent bar accidents...

2. Reuse or waste? --Normally after 1-2 years, the bar machinery and equipment will face the replacement...

Our solutions

1. Safety: Make the entertainment & bar system according to the standards of the theater;

2. Reuse: The mechanical equipment of the bar can also be reused.

A change? Try its powerful programming capability

1. Repetitive programming: multiple programming for actions by software personnel;

2. External trigger: with DMX trigger channel, time code trigger channel, easy to interconnect with audio and video system;

3. Control channel: independent 6 trigger channels;

4. 3D display: standard 3D mouse;

5. Safe emergency stop link to ensure the safety of entertainment equipment;

6. Security grouping & Object grouping: Make the operation of entertainment grouping equipment safer.

Project Management Software

Project management software, convenient for your secondary configuration and change!

1. Building block programming.

2. Select a device topology mode. What you see is what you get.

3. Multi-instruction programming: repertoire + channel + scene + step + multi-instruction programming mode, flexible programming methods.

4. Object-based security grouping.

5. Multi-view device monitoring mode.

Theater & Show System
Theater show machinery emphasizes safety and usually requires interaction with actors. For the safety function and safety loop construction, we have a complete solution, including emergency stop safety function, over-range safety function, load deviation detection, overload protection, loose rope protection, etc.
Our program focuses on

1. Security function construction;

2. Hydraulic synchronization;

3. Lifting platform rigid synchronization;

4. Multi-ring synchronization;

5. Wireless communication;

6. Complex chain relationships among equipments.

Special Control Software

1. Software selection: There are three different types of software to choose from, which can be adapted to different theaters and shows;

2. Multi-view monitoring: two-dimensional or three-dimensional equipment monitoring can be realized;

3. Trajectory analysis: user can view and analyze the operating trajectory of the equipment;

4. Device management: set parameters such as soft limit, clear zero, current position, etc.;

5. Status query: query the system status and device status.

6. Log management: alarm logs, operation records and other information query;

7. Permission management: set different operation permissions for different users.


1. Various types of control terminals are optional;

2. Compatible with different control softwares;

3. With emergency stop safety function;

4. Operating channels range from 2 to 6;

5. Standard DMX input interface, and optional LTC interface.

Relevant Standards

We know very well how to meet the international safety standards for Theatres and shows. We cooperate with the industry to have developed many of the industrial standards, such as "Stage Wire safety Specifications" and "the Specifications of Stage Equipment Remote Monitoring Diagnosis Data Transmission Interface and Communication".

1. EC 60204-1;    2. EC 60204-32;    3. EC 61508;    4. ISO 12100;    5. ISO 13849;    6. IEC 62061;   7. DIN 56950;    8. EN 17206

Axis Controller

1. Dual CPU framework;

2. Fail-safe digital Input (FSDI);

3. Fail-safe digital output (FSDO);

4. The frequency converter controls the speed of the frequency converter through the analog quantity, and monitors the performance of the frequency converter through the analog quantity feedback;

5. Watchdog circuit;

6. Independent power module;

7. The position signal is input through dual encoders, supporting 2 incremental encoders plus 1 absolute encoder.

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