Touring System
Touring performances require equipment to be built quickly in a building block fashion, which requires more flexibility and safety than theater equipment.

           l Modular drives

           l Software control console based on project management principles

           l Shackle-type load cells

           l Power box with safety emergency stop link and leakage bypass

Wire System
Three-dimensional Wire, two-dimensional Wire, flying cat, spider eye, and universal eagle eye, all belong to the Wire system, professionally named as "flexible parallel robot"and can be used to hang actors or props, or hang cameras for quick free shooting.

          l Support multiple types of Wire

          l Support multiple motion control algorithms

          l Dedicated console

          l Specialized control software

Entertainment System

In recent years, the mechanical action of the entertainment & bar industry has become more complex, and the replacement speed is getting faster, and it needs to make breakthroughs in terms of security, easy maintenance, and programmability.

     l Strong programming capability

     l Project management software, suitable for secondary modifications

Theater&Show System
Theater show machinery emphasizes safety and usually requires interaction with actors. For the safety function and safety loop construction, we have a complete solution, including emergency stop safety function, over-range safety function, load deviation detection, overload protection, loose rope protection, etc.

    l Safety function construction

    l Hydraulic synchronization

    l Rigid synchronization of lifting platforms

    l Multi-circle synchronization

    l Wireless communication

    l Complex interlocking of equipment

    l Specialized control software and consoles