Wire system, also known as "flexible parallel robot", can be widely used to suspend actors, props, or cameras for dynamic and efficient shooting.

           Wire forms:

           l Three-dimensional Wire

           l Two-dimensional Wire

           l Flying cat

           l Spider eye

           l Universal eagle eye

Control Software

l Edit management: key point description, track, running time can be customized

l Record management: record running curve and playback l User management: hierarchical management, and can set different permissions l Device management: Set parameters such as soft limit, clear zero, current position, etc l Emergency operation: emergency automatic bypass l Status query: Query the system status and device status l Log management: alarm logs, operation records and other information query


l Emergency stop the link l Operation handle with safety enable l Dual speed control handle, one group supports XY direction, one group supports Z direction l 22-inch touch screen l With power switch and indicator light l External gooseneck light interface l Lower drawer design, can place the keyboard and mouse l Integrated industrial Ethernet communication function l 3D and 2D combined display, convenient trajectory editing l Special trajectory generation, helix, sine and cosine, straight line, etc

Types of Wire

l Two-line two degrees of freedom l Four cables, three degrees of freedom l Eight cables and six degrees of freedom l Orbital Wire l Automatic walking Wire car

Motion Control Algorithms
l Curve editing: Using algorithms based on cubic splines to generate smooth processing curves

l Acceleration and deceleration control: acceleration and deceleration control algorithm based on s curve

l 3D view: 3D view control algorithm based on trackball