In recent years, the mechanical action of the entertainment & bar industry has become more and more complex, and the replacement speed is getting faster and faster, and it needs to make breakthroughs in terms of security, easy maintenance and programmability.

l Customer needs:

1. safety issues: bar accidents are frequent

2. Reuse problem: 1-2 years, the bar machinery and equipment will face replacement

l Solution:

1. Safety: follow the standard of the theater to set up the entertainment bar system

2. Reuse: Let the bar machinery and equipment can also be reused

Powerful Programming Capability

l Repetitive programming: multiple programming for actions by software personnel;

l External trigger: with DMX trigger channel, time code trigger channel, easy to interconnect with audio and video system

l Control channel: independent 6 trigger channels

l 3D display: standard 3D mouse

l Safe emergency stop link: to ensure the safety of entertainment equipment

l Security grouping & Object grouping: make the operation of entertainment grouping equipment safer

Project Management Software---convenient for secondary configuration

l Building block programming

l Select a device topology mode. What you see is what you get

l Multi-instruction programming: repertoire + channel + scene + step + multi-instruction programming mode, flexible programming methods

l Object-based security grouping

l Multi-view device monitoring mode