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Electric Chain Hoist

Model: Electric Chain Hoist
Brand: xScene Motion(YanXing)炎兴


1. The body is made of all aluminum alloy die-casting, CNC integrated processing, light and firm;

2. The motor adopts constant torque variable frequency silent motor, low noise, suitable for various working conditions, in line with CE certification;

3. Gear box adopts grinding gear processing hard tooth surface helical gear, reducer oil bath, more quiet and stable;

4. Standard 5 chain socket alloy steel lifting sprocket to reduce wear;

5. Chain size 7*21MM, high quality carburized galvanized chain, in line with EN818-7-DAT standard;

6. Heavy load type double DC brake, integrated design;

7. Load limiting clutch, effectively protect the danger caused by overload;

8. CAM type adjustable limiter, standard with 4 point limit, to achieve double protection of work limit and ultimate limit;

9. Work level: ISO: M5; ANSI/ASME: H4; FEM9.511: 2M+;

10. On-load factor: 50%, and Repeated start-up times: 300 times/hour, perfect for all kinds of performing arts activities;

11. IP66 protection grade, suitable for outdoor environment

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