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Aurora STANDARD-Console

Model: Aurora STANDARD-Console
Brand: xScene Motion(YanXing)炎兴


1. Built-in HDMI external display interface, can be used as monitoring.

2. The single-axis and multi-axis operation mode based on the handle can easily realize the functions of single control and combined operation of the system.

3. The combination of omnidirectional rocker and directional rocker can realize the three-dimensional motion of the equipment.

4. The omnidirectional rocker can operate the front, rear, left and right direction control of the equipment.

5. Directional rocker can operate the equipment up and down direction control.

6. The rocker is equipped with a safety lock button. When operating the device, press the lock button to avoid misoperation and ensure the safe use of the device.

7. 10-core aviation head for power supply and cannon head for communication make the link more reliable and stable.

8. Configure alarm lights in case of equipment failure or other problems. The alarm light serves as a reminder.

9. Users can be managed at different levels and set different operation rights.

10. The safety emergency stop button is configured. When an emergency occurs during the operation of the equipment, the emergency stop can be stopped safely and ensure the safety of the equipment.


1. Display: 22-inch touch screen

2. Control channel: two (configure an omnidirectional swing front, rear, left and right direction control; A directional rocker for ascent and descent direction control)

3. Input voltage: 220V

4. Built-in ports: power port, network port

5. Emergency stop button: 1

Dimension: 1020mm*580mm*200mm


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