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Aurora PRO-Console
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Aurora PRO-Console

Model: Aurora PRO-Console
Brand: xScene Motion(YanXing)炎兴


1. Local emergency stop, support type 0 and type 1 emergency stop;

2. User authority setting;

3. Built-in Advantech high-performance industrial computer, using intel i5 processor;

4. Dual 17.3-inch touch screen;

5. Built-in power filter, and equipped with UPS function (3min), UPS low power actively shut down the computer power;

6. Support 100M Ethernet and optical fiber communication;

7. Support DMX512 communication, light console can trigger the console scene through this protocol;

8. Support LTC time code, external time can trigger the console scene running;

9. Supports a maximum of two console cascading and hot backup modes.

10. Support a full range of IAC drive networking control;

11. 158 hotkeys, 6-channel grouping, unlimited scenes;

12. Supports 2048 IAC drives;

13. Tabular programming, object-based programming, support 3D display;

14. Can directly maintain the driver device parameters, and built-in parameter set, support batch download and update.


1. Power supply: 100~230V AC, 47~63Hz;

2. Man-machine interaction: 17.3-inch touch display *2;

3. Interface: Control channel *6, control command keyboard *2, optical fiber interface *2, Ethernet interface *2, DMX512 interface *1,

4. LTC interface *1, USB expansion *2, Gooseneck light *1, standard 61-key keyboard *1;

Dimension: 890mm*670mm*230mm


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