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Model: PANDA-Console
Brand: xScene Motion(YanXing)炎兴


1. The Panda console is a high-end console located in the conventional theater stage machinery control and show control, the main functions are as follows:

2. Built-in DMX512 communication interface enables it to receive instructions from the light console.

3. Configure the installation mode and performance mode, you can quickly program, set the limit, set the position, call the scene, switch the scene to save parameters, etc., to meet the needs of the performance.

4. The four-channel operation mode based on button can easily realize the functions of single control and centralized control of the system.

5. Configure alarm lights in case of equipment failure. The alarm light serves as a reminder.

6. The dual screen design can monitor more equipment operating status at the same time, find and solve problems in time.

7. The safety emergency stop button is configured. When an emergency occurs during the operation of the equipment, the emergency stop can be stopped safely and ensure the safety of the equipment.

8. Can control the uplink, downlink, positioning and stop of any device;

9. In each scenario design, different positioning positions of each device can be set respectively.

10. You can modify the scene parameters that have been designed. (Speed/position/number of equipment/running sequence, etc.)

11. In the performance, the running sequence of the scene can be adjusted according to the needs of the performance;

12. The system has the function of learning and correcting the positioning error.


1. Power supply: 230V AC;

2. Human-computer interaction: 22-inch touch display *2;

3. Interface:

Control channel *4;

Ethernet interface *2;

DMX512 interface *1;

USB extension *2;

Gooseneck light *1;

Standard 104-key keyboard *1

Dimension: 1160mm*650mm*540mm


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