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Model: ZNK300-Console
Brand: xScene Motion(YanXing)炎兴


1. Built-in DMX512 communication interface enables it to receive instructions from the light console.

2. Push-button based dual channel operation mode, can easily achieve the system single control, centralized control and other functions.

3. The product can be installed in the mobile bracket to increase the flexibility of product placement.

4. Independent performance mode and installation mode make the operation more convenient and clear.

5. Unlimited number of plays, can complete positioning, round trip, delay operation and other functions.

6. Position deviation protection and automatic adjustment during device synchronization.

7. Users can be managed at different levels and set different operation rights.

8. Parameters such as soft limit, clear position, and current position of the device can be easily set.

9. This section describes how to query the system status and device status to diagnose the system.

10. Log management function, system alarm log, operation record and other information.


1. Display: 15.6 inch touch screen

2. Control channels: two (up and down buttons and speed control push rods)

3. Input current: 220V

4. Built-in ports: power port, network port

5. Emergency stop button: 1

6. Optional interfaces: 2 (DMX, alarm indicator, safety relay output)

Dimension: 530mm*370mm*200mm


xScene Motion(Chengdu Yanxing Automation Technology Co., Ltd.)