EXTRA-T C1 Electric Chain Hoist

Type Electric Chain Hoist
Model EXTRA-T C1
+86 028-81135561
  • The body is made of cast aluminum alloy, CNC machined, lightweight yet sturdy.

  • Motors utilize constant torque variable frequency silent motors, with low noise suitable for various conditions, and compliant with CE certification.

  • Gearbox features precision-ground hardened helical gears, with oil bath lubrication for quieter and more stable operation.

  • Standard alloy steel lifting chain wheels with 5 pockets, reducing wear.

  • Carburized and galvanized chains, compliant with EN818-7-DAT standards.

  • Heavy-duty dual DC brakes with integrated design.

  • Load limit clutch effectively protects against dangers from overloading.

  • Cam-adjustable limit switches with standard 4-point limits for dual protection of work and extreme limits.

  • Work level: ISO:M5 standard, ANSI/ASME:H4 standard

                       FEM9.511:2M+ standard with 50% duty cycle and 300 starts per hour, perfectly suitable for various performance activities.

  • IP66 protection level, suitable for outdoor environments.

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