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IAC5 Series Driver
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IAC5 Series Driver

Model: IAC5 Series Driver
Brand: xScene Motion(YanXing)炎兴


1. Support power and communication Daisy chain connection, easy wiring;

2. Support asynchronous motor, 0.75kW~11kW power range;

3. Support 220VAC and 380VAC lock output;

4. Built-in high-performance vector inverter, closed-loop adjustment mode;

5. Support zero speed hover, positioning accuracy ±1MM;

6. Support position mode and synchronous position mode;

7. ECAT communication mode to ensure efficient data transmission;

8. Support hard limit and soft limit functions;

9. Preset dual encoder interface, support differential incremental and absolute encoder, ensure the accuracy and reliability of position feedback;

10. Standard digital weighing interface, and provide equipment overload and underload protection function;

11. Standard local control panel and LED display to achieve parameter setting, modification, monitoring;

12. Support remote parameter setting and modification, and parameter set download;

13. Support console: Aurora Pro console and Aurora Mini console;


1. Input voltage: 400V±10%;

2. Power supply type: Daisy chain connection;

3. Motor type: asynchronous motor

4. Interface: ECAT*2, external limit *6, load cell interface * 1,485 *1;

5. 5-pin 32A 'Ceeform' type plug and socket to IEC60309. 5-PIN 32A 'Ceeform' type plug and socket to IEC60309

6. Motor interface: 1* heavy-duty interface, including motor, brake, limit, encoder

7. Harting connector

8. Bus interface: 2* UTC Ethercon RJ45 connector Neutrik Ethercon RJ45 in and link out

Models and Packing details:


1. Rated power: 3KW;

2. Size: 420mm*147mm*230mm;

3. Weight: 10kg;

4. Installation method: truss installation


1. Rated power: 7.5KW

2. Size: 568mm*282mm*268mm;

3. Weight: 20kg

4. Installation method: truss installation


1. Rated power: 11KW;

2. Size: 568mm*302mm*324mm;

3. Weight: 30kg

4. Installation method: truss installation


IAC130U30Fixed speed, 3kw
IAC310U30Variable speed, 3kw
IAC310U75Variable speed, 7.5kw
IAC530U30Variable speed, 3kw
IAC530U75Variable speed, 7.5kw
IAC530D11Variable speed, 11kw
IAC710U08AVariable speed, 3kw
IAC710U16AVariable speed, 7.5kw
IAC710U30AVariable speed, 15kw

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