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KiloView Monitoring Software

Model: KiloView Monitoring Software
Brand: xScene Motion(YanXing)炎兴


1. Easy to use networking configuration.

2. Provide monitoring interfaces such as tables, bar charts, and site layout diagrams;

3. Display of user configurable alarm, underload and overload protection functions;

4. Provide flexible object grouping, partition display, core equipment priority display and other functions;

5. Can be deployed on a PC or Android tablet

6. It can be used independently or embedded in the mechanical control system. Single main control supports up to 100 nodes

7. Each channel supports up to 16 nodes, up to 200M (dedicated communication cable)

8. Supports cascading up to eight master Kilohubs

9. KiloView offers a variety of monitoring interfaces to suit different scenarios.

Contains the KiloCell Sensor, the KiloHub Control, the Kiloview Monitoring Software and the KiloAP Wireless Router

KiloTalk Load Monitoring System 2024_00.png



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