ECAT Interface-PDES System Cabinet

Type PDES System Cabinet
Model ECAT Interface
+86 028-81135561
  • Supports local emergency stop and emergency stop chain extension functions, as well as SIL3 safety relay emergency stop function, compatible with Class 0 and Class 1 emergency stops.

  • Built-in RCD leakage detection with bypass function.

  • Rated 200A circuit breaker with 50kA breaking capacity.

  • Supports remote power loss reset function.

  • Provides real-time display of local three-phase power supply voltage and current.

  • Supports local reset function.

  • Provides 8 channels of 32A three-phase power outputs (with indicators), each with independent output circuit breakers.

  • Provides 4 channels of 10A two-phase power outputs (with indicators).

  • Supports a maximum of 128 ECAT type IAC drives.

  • Supports 7 ECAT switch interfaces, each supporting up to 128 ECAT type IAC drives.

  • Supports 100M Ethernet and fiber optic communication.

  • Features LCD panel display and parameter configuration functionality.

  • Supports 16 channels of on-site FSDI input.

  • Supports networking and cascading of up to 16 PDES cabinets.

  • Input: 400V±10%, 200A

  • Output: 8 sets of IEC 60309 "Ceeform" 32A 400V outlets, with indicators.

  • Dimension (excluding flight case) : 485mm*620mm*620mm

  • Dimension (including flight case) : 600mm*850mm*980mm

  • Net Weight (excluding flight case) : 55kg

  • Gross Weight (including flight case) : 105kg