Type Console
Model Aurora Pro Console
+86 028-81135561
  • Local emergency stop, supporting Class 0 and Class 1 emergency stops.

  • User permission settings.

  • Built-in Advantech high-performance industrial computer, equipped with Intel i5 processor.

  • Dual 17.3-inch touch screen displays.

  • Built-in power filter, with UPS function (3 minutes), actively shutting down the computer power when UPS is low.

  • Support 100M Ethernet and fiber optic communication.

  • Support DMX512 communication, allowing lighting consoles to trigger console scenes through this protocol.

  • Support LTC timecode, external time can trigger console scene operation.

  • Support up to 2 consoles cascading cooperation, hot standby, and other modes.

  • Support networking control of the entire range of IAC drivers.

  • 158 hotkeys, 6-channel grouping, unlimited scenes.

  • Support up to 2048 IAC drivers.

  • Tabular programming, object-based programming, supports 3D display.

  • Direct maintenance of drive equipment parameters, with the ability to embed parameter sets, and support batch downloading and updating.

  • Power Supply: 100~230V AC, 47~63Hz

  • Human-Machine Interaction: Two 17.3-inch touch screen displays

  • Interfaces: Control channels*6, Control command shortcut keyboards*2, Fiber optic interfaces*2, Ethernet interfaces*2, DMX512 interface*1, LTC interface*1, USB extensions*2, Gooseneck lamp*1, Standard 61-key keyboard*1

  • Dimensions: 890(mm)*670(mm)*230(mm)