Type Console
Model Aurora Max Console
+86 028-81135561
  • Configuration of Setup Mode and Performance Mode: Allows for quick programming, setting limits, positions, calling scenes, and saving parameters for scene switching, catering to performance needs.

  • Dual-channel operation based on the joystick: Enables easy implementation of single-control and group-control functions within the system.

  • Configuration of alarm indicator lights: Alerts in case of equipment malfunctions or other issues, serving as a reminder.

  • Dual-screen design for simultaneous monitoring of more devices' operational statuses, facilitating timely issue detection and resolution.

  • Configuration of safety emergency stop buttons: Ensures safe stopping of equipment in case of sudden events during operation.

  • Control of ascent, descent, positioning, and stopping of any device.

  • Different positioning settings for each device can be configured in every scene design.

  • Modification of parameters for pre-designed scenes (speed/position/device quantity/running sequence, etc.).

  • Adjustment of scene running sequence according to performance requirements during the show.

  • The system features learning and calibration functions for accumulated positioning errors arising from frequent operations.

  • Display: 22-inch touch screens*2

  • Control Channels: Control joysticks*2

  • Input Voltage: 220V

  • Built-in Interfaces: Power interface, Ethernet port, Gooseneck lamp*1

  • Product Dimensions: 950mm*550mm*200mm