Type Console
Model Panda Console
+86 028-81135561
  • Built-in DMX512 communication interface enables it to receive commands from the lighting console.

  • Configurable staging mode and performance mode facilitate quick programming, allowing for setting limits, positions, scene calls, and scene switching to meet the needs of performances.

  • Based on button-based four-channel operation, the system easily achieves single-device control, group control, and more.

  • Equipped with alarm indicator lights to alert in case of equipment malfunctions during operation.

  • The dual-screen design allows simultaneous monitoring of multiple device operation statuses, facilitating timely issue detection and resolution.

  • Includes a safety emergency stop button; pressing it during equipment operation can safely bring the equipment to a stop, ensuring safety.

  • Capable of controlling the upward, downward, positioning, and stopping of any device.

  • In each scene design, different positioning for each device can be separately set.

  • Modifications to preset scene parameters such as speed, position, device quantity, and running sequence are possible.

  • During performances, scene running sequences can be adjusted according to the requirements of the performance.

  • The system includes functionality to learn and correct positioning errors accumulated during frequent operations.

  • Power Supply: 230V AC

  • Human-Machine Interaction: 22-inch touchscreen displays*2

  • Interfaces: Control channels*4, Ethernet interfaces*2, DMX512 interface*1, USB expansion ports*2, gooseneck lamp*1, standard 104-key keyboard*1

  • Dimensions: 1160 mm*650 mm*540 mm