Aurora Standard Console

Type Console
Model Aurora Standard Console
+86 028-81135561
  • Built-in HDMI external monitor interface, usable for monitoring purposes.

  • Based on joystick operation, offering single-axis and multi-axis control modes for easy implementation of single-device and combined operations.

  • Combined use of omnidirectional and directional joysticks enables three-dimensional device movement.

  • Omnidirectional joystick controls device movement in forward, backward, left, and right directions.

  • Directional joystick controls device ascent and descent directions.

  • Both joysticks feature safety lock buttons, requiring button activation to operate the device and prevent accidental operation for safety.

  • Power supply adopts 10-pin aviation plug, communication adopts Cannon plug, ensuring reliable and stable connections.

  • Equipped with alarm indicator lights to alert users in case of equipment malfunctions or other issues.

  • User access is managed with hierarchical permissions, allowing for different levels of operational access.

  • Equipped with a safety emergency stop button to halt device operation in case of emergencies, ensuring safe device shutdown.

  • Display: 22-inch touchscreen

  • Control Channels: 2 channels (one omnidirectional joystick for forward, backward, left, and right direction control; one directional joystick for ascent and descent direction control)

  • Input Voltage: 220V

  • Built-in Interfaces: Power interface, Ethernet port

  • Emergency Stop Button: 1

  • Product Dimensions: 1020 mm*580 mm*200 mm