StageTour Control Software

Type Software
Model StageTour Control Software
+86 028-81135561
  • Editing Management: Descriptions of key points, customizable trajectories, and running times.

  • Recording Management: Record running curves and allows playback.

  • User Management: Hierarchical management with customizable permissions.

  • Device Management: Setting parameters such as device soft limits, zero positions, and current positions.

  • Emergency Operations: Automatic bypass in emergency situations.

  • Status Query: Query system and device statuses.

  • Log Management: Query alarm logs, operation records, and other information.

  • Curve Analysis: Analyze speed and acceleration based on fitted curves.

  • Special Curve Fitting: Built-in functions for customizing curves such as straight lines, arcs, and spirals.

  • Single and Group Control: Perform actions in speed and position modes on any device within the flexible cable, or control multiple devices collectively.

  • Position Calibration Mode: Calibration of object coordinates.

  • Object Coordinate Setting Mode: Includes global and local coordinate settings.