Type Driver
Model IAC5 Series Driver
+86 028-81135561
  • Support daisy chain connection for power and communication, facilitating wiring.

  • Compatible with asynchronous motors in the 0.75 kW to 11 kW power range.

  • Support 220VAC and 380VAC brake outputs.

  • Incorporates a high-performance vector frequency inverter, enabling closed-loop regulation.

  • Support zero-speed hovering, with a positioning accuracy of ±1mm.

  • Support both position mode and synchronous position mode.

  • Utilize ECAT communication protocol for efficient data transmission.

  • Feature both hard and soft limit functions for precise control.

  • Preconfigured with dual encoder interfaces, compatible with both differential incremental and absolute value encoders, ensuring accurate and reliable position feedback.

  • Includes standard digital weighing interface and provides overload and underload protection.

  • Equipped with a standard local control panel and LED display for easy parameter setting, modification, and monitoring.

  • Support remote parameter setting and modification, as well as parameter set downloading.

  • Compatible with control consoles: Aurora Pro Console and Aurora Mini Console.


  • Input Voltage: 400V±10%

  • Power Supply Type: Daisy Chain Connection

  • Motor Type: Asynchronous Motor

  • Interfaces: ECAT*2, External Limit Switches*6, Weight Sensor Interface*1, 485*1

  • Power Supply Interface: 5-pin 32A Ceeform plug and socket

  • Motor Interface: Heavy Duty Interface*1, including motor, brake, limit switch, encoder

  • Bus Interface: Neutrik Ethercon RJ45 connectors*2

Model and packing details:

  • Model: IAC530U30

  • Rated Power: 3KW

  • Dimensions: 420(mm)*147(mm)*230(mm)

  • Weight: 10kg

  • Mounting Method: Truss Mounting

  • Model: IAC530U75

  • Rated Power: 7.5KW

  • Dimensions: 568(mm)*282(mm)*268(mm)

  • Weight: 20kg

  • Mounting Method: Truss Mounting

  • Model: IAC530D11

  • Rated Power: 11KW

  • Dimensions: 568(mm)*302(mm)*324(mm)

  • Weight: 30kg

  • Mounting Method: Truss Mounting